Combo Brows

The Ombre Brow technique creates a soft shaded pencil look, and the Microblading technique uses a manual tool to create hair-like strokes that are then filled with pigment to mimic natural brow hairs. When these two techniques are combined, it creates Combo Brows.

Combo Brow technique is suitable for all ages but perfect for those with sparse brows, little to no hairs, that need to add definition to your brows and arch, or it is specifically suitable for those with oily skin. Combo
Brows offer you realistic definition with soft, natural shading to create fullness.

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Quick Facts

Combo Brows are perfect for clients with normal to moderately oily skin. If your skin is too oily for microblading alone, combo brows might be a viable alternative.

Combo brows longevity is dependent on skin tone, skin type, sun exposure, lifestyle and medication. We suggest a touch up between 12-18 months.

Strokes are drawn around the edges where they’ll be the most visible, and ombre is added to the body to give it a complete look that retains a beautiful shape.