Permanent Eyeliner, also known as an eyeliner tattoo, can be used for a range of eyeliner styles. From a subtle lash enhancement, simply depositing small dots of pigment between the lashes to make them appear thicker, to a bold, striking winged eyeliner to change the shape of your eyes and draw attention to them.

Permanent eyeliner can be life-changing for those who regularly attend the gym, those who can’t see or have an illness preventing them from applying their Eyeliner or people who don’t have enough time on a morning to get that perfect flick.

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Quick Facts

Permanent Eyeliner has the longest longevity of all permanent makeup. It lasts up to 3 years, but a touchup will be needed around 18 – 24 months after the initial application.

The eyeliner will last longer on dry and normal skin. On oily skin, the sebum your body produces pushes the pigments out of the pores, leading to faster fading.

The days after receiving permanent eyeliner treatment require you to take special care of your eyelids to ensure the skin heals safely and maintains maximum pigment retention.