Permanent lipstick, also known as lip blush or a lip tattoo, enhances the beauty of your natural lip color, improving the shape of the lips, giving definition and the illusion of fullness. It can deliver a natural look or can be bright and bold if that’s what you prefer.

The technique involves carefully impregnating colour pigment into the skin using a special tattoo machine. Microneedles gently deposit the colour throughout the lip area, using a selection of different techniques depending on the look you want. If you have a favourite lipstick you can bring this to your appointment so we can colour match.

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Quick Facts

Lip blushing is saturated at first then the colour settles in. It usually can last several years but routine lip care applies: moisturize and apply lip balm.

You can have any colour from rose and coral to brown tones. We can also mix a colour to ensure it matches with your skin tone and/or matches your favourite lipstick.

If you have skin or medical conditions related to your lips, please get permission from your GP first before booking an appointment.